Flip Boom Cartoon Review – Pros and Cons of This Animation Software

These days animation is one of the biggest and fastest growing creative industries in the world, and with the growth of the Internet and digital media, this pace looks as if it is set to continue.

In this light a young person who is equipped with animation skills is better prepared for the world of work and the new opportunities out there, not to mention the fact that animation is a heck of a lot of fun!

So getting your child started with an animation program can kick start their learning and give them an advantage over their classmates.

Flip Boom Cartoon (formerly called “Flip Boom Classic”) from Toon Boom Inc. is a great little program designed to be your child’s first foray into animation and making their own cartoons. Here we’ll take a quick look at the pros and cons of the software and whether it’s worth your investment. 4anime


The software itself is very easy to use and get started with, which is no mean feat, since most animation software can be frightfully complicated.

The interface is clean and simple to figure out, but still a good base for learning more complicated software later on since it uses the same underlying structures and fundamental principles that you find in the professional software (effectively introducing your child to a real world skill that could pay dividends in the future).

At its core, Flip Boom Cartoon is designed as a 2D animation package perfect for doing traditional drawn animation, so if you’re looking for a Flash style program in the vein of a South Park then this is not the right package for you.

Personally, I think traditional animation is one of the best ways to introduce children to animation since it develops their drawing skills and hand eye co-ordination as well as letting them explore timing and spacing in a very direct and intuitive way… since if they want something to move, they have to move it… the computer won’t do it for them. In this respect, Flip Boom Cartoon scores highly.



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