Parole Officers Perform Varying Jobs For Salary

A parole officer is an important part of the criminal justice system. These officers work closely with prisoners and offenders and receive a salary for during so. The median salary for an officer is $39,600 per year.

There are two general types: The first works within correctional institutions. His or her job is to determine which prisoners may be good candidates for early release and write reports for parole boards. In order to be eligible for release before serving a full prison term, a prisoner must demonstrate good behavior, cooperation with prison authorities, and good work ethic or progress in rehabilitation programs.

A parole officer evaluates each potential parolee’s life before and during his incarceration. The officer then makes an informed guess about the prisoner’s potential for employment and family support outside of the correctional system. The officer writes a report which affects the parole board’s decision about which prisoners receive early release. 오피

Other officers monitor parolees after their release. They provide advice and steer parolees towards programs that may help with employment, financial matters, or drug problems. Some parole officers supervise halfway houses where small groups of parolees live together while they readjust to life outside of the correctional system. Often officers monitor parolees’ attendance of drug rehabilitation or financial counseling. If an officer finds that a parolee is not meeting the terms of his parole, or that the parolee has broken the law, the officer may recommend that parole be revoked.

These officers work within correctional institutions and those that monitor parolees after release all receive similar, reasonable salaries. They also require similar educational backgrounds.

In order to enter this field, one needs to receive a B.A. from a college or a comparable institution. Degrees in sociology, psychology, criminology, or correctional science are ideal. On top of this degree, most employers require either two years of experience in a correctional facility or a master’s degree.

After this education has been completed, employment outlook for potential parole officers is very good. Regardless of the economic climate, these officers are always needed. Therefore, it is a reliable career choice.

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